September 28
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For the sake of preserving statehood in Armenia, it is necessary to overcome the existing split, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian noted at the first session of the newly elected National Assembly of the 8th convocation.

He said that as a result of the elections, the political forces that entered the parliament had the opportunity to develop and then implement strategic programs oriented towards the future.

"The citizens of Armenia expect that solutions to the existing problems will be found and the will is shown to put the country on the rails of development. This future should be formed around a strong, balanced and advanced country," Sarkissian said.

He also noted that the future is not the interests of one force or party, since it concerns everyone - including children.

"It is also a duty to those who fought for the creation of an independent state. We must deeply understand and value the internationally recognized fact of our statehood. Everything must be done to protect and preserve our statehood, as the most important national value," he added.

According to him, you need to be honest and responsible. At the same time, he noted that attempts to pass off wishful thinking, demagoguery and populism are leading the country to a dead end.

According to the president, one must honestly and directly talk about existing problems, soberly and coolly assess one's real capabilities, admit one's own mistakes and shortcomings, and also be responsible for them.

"The time has come to have a state that will responsibly fulfill its main functions: ensuring the security of the population and borders, protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, a fair solution to the Karabakh issue, developing the economy, culture and science, ensuring a decent level of well-being," he added.

The President noted that the priority task today is to get out of the deep crisis.

"It is obvious that in this context, the primary task is to exclude a split. Nobody can allow someone to divide the people according to geopolitical, political or any other criteria," Sarkissian added.

Everyone should set as their goal the protection and development of statehood. Split and internal enmity, however, only alienate from this goal and shake the foundations of statehood, he added.

"And the opponents and enemies of Armenia can only watch how the country is weakened from within. You need to ask yourself which is more important - "internal wars" or love for the homeland, which requires sacrificing personal for the sake of the common. We must remember that the guarantee of our security is in our unity," the President said.

At the same time, he believes that Armenia should stop perceiving the diaspora as a wallet and give an opportunity to participate in determining the fate of the country. According to Armen Sargsyan, people in Armenia are used to being proud of the achievements of the world famous Armenians of the Diaspora, but they do not use its potential.

"It is a paradoxical situation when the huge potential of the Armenians is mainly used by the world, but not by Armenia. Diaspora for Armenia is not a wallet, but the most important part of its political and national identity," Sarkissian noted.

He also noted that Armenians have the right to influence the fate of their homeland.

"Armenia and the Diaspora are different sides of the same coin. This fact can no longer be ignored, the time has come for political will and the consolidation of the necessary legal mechanisms. Mechanisms that will allow the diaspora to be useful to Armenia and Karabakh. With their knowledge, professionalism and experience. At the same time, all Armenians should perceive Armenia as the only point of support," he said.

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