July 18
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Online service providers Google, Facebook, and similar companies will now be able to declare and pay their VAT liabilities, head of the Armenian State Revenue Committee Rustam Badasyan told during the government's meeting.

PM Nikol Pashinyan noted: “The point is that we need to tax advertising placed on electronic platforms, as the leading countries of the world do. The question is as follows: if we, for example, open even foreign sites on Facebook, Google, and the Internet in general, we see that there are advertisements of Armenian companies on them. Naturally, everything is paid. If such transactions take place in the case of companies registered in the Republic of Armenia, then the service provider has tax obligations. The problem is that we cannot generate taxes from these ads on these platforms. The question is how to register this process?"

The PM also noted that if something is written on Facebook under sponsored, then it will be taxed.

The Chairman of the State Revenue Committee explained that this is only about the services provided by individuals, in the case of organizations, the issue has been settled. The government will determine the list of services that are subject to taxation.

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