August 14
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Recently, I wanted to know how many Armenian soldiers have died in combat and in peaceful conditions since the truce signed in 1994, but there are no exact data, the figures are approximate figures. This is what deputy of the Civil Contract faction of the National Assembly Lena Nazaryan said in parliament today.

Nazaryan addressed one of the opposition deputies and told him that the figure that he had stated — 92 —was wrong. “I will cite the chairman of the parliamentary defense committee of the previous convocation of the National Assembly and present the approximate figures. During the first war, there were 6,400 victims, and in the period between the truce signed in 1994 and the war in April 2016 — 2,500. If our objective is to find the exact data on soldiers killed in relatively peaceful conditions, it’s clear that it will take a long time to answer this question after the war, even though the official information on the number of victims is made public,” she said.

Nazaryan addressed deputy of the opposition Armenia faction Gegham Nazaryan, whose son fell in the recent war. “Dear Mr. Nazaryan, we’re not living our lives as if the 44-day war didn’t take place. Everyone’s lives have irreversibly changed. Despite the very rude remarks you have made against our political party during your interviews, I definitely want to say from this podium that I respect your family and the precious memory of your son.”

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