December 02
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The second President of Armenia, the first President of Nagorno Karabakh Robert Kocharyan delivered a speech during a court session on Tuesday.

"The prosecutor's office has not yet apologized to me for the illegal imprisonment," he noted.

"In August 2018, I was arrested in the same hall. From the very first meeting, we voiced the issue of legal certainty of Article 300.1. All other decisions were made during the first arrest. I spent about two years in prison only because the prosecutor's office stubbornly refused to accept the problem of legal certainty of the article. Even though all authoritative specialists from Armenia and from abroad spoke the same thing with one voice," he said.

The ex-president recalled that even in the decision of the ECHR Grand Chamber, they did not understand the essence of the article, suggesting that a mistake had crept into the translation. Although everything was translated correctly. 

"The stupidity of the wording is to such an extent that they decided that the problem was in translation. After all this, it is a shame to talk about education and knowledge," the second president said, adding that in the end, it is not the prosecutor’s office that is responsible for everything, but the Republic of Armenia. The former president recalled the existence of numerous appeals to the ECHR. 

"We say - there is an example of all this. Shall we step on the same rake again or draw a conclusion? There are doubts - we need to dispel them as soon as possible," he concluded.The defense side demands to suspend the case and appeal to the Constitutional Court to clarify the issue of Armen Gevorgyan's parliamentary immunity.

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