December 09
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: Yesterday the press informed that the representatives of one of the countries that has an artificial satellite in space have contacted some circles of Armenia’s opposition, and offered them to provide some of the footage at their disposal, which are related to Armenia.

According to the press, among them, in particular, is the 44-day [Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war’s whole footage by viewing which one can get a clear idea of what tactics Azerbaijan carried out during those 44 days [last fall] and how Armenia lost.

According to Past newspaper’s information, it is even about footage collected from several sources.

Our sources convey that this information has had the effect of a cold shower, in the true sense of the word, on the [Armenian] authorities.

The thing is that they are well aware that the release of such footage can be a serious blow to them, as they [i.e., the footage] may contain scandalous revelations—including in terms of disorganization, the movement of troops and other circumstances—in connection with the course of the war.

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