April 17
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On November 24, NASA plans to change the trajectory of a group of meteorites that pose a threat to Earth, but experts advise this space agency to move the respective launch date of the DART impact probe indefinitely, Planet Today reported.

Experts' concerns are related to the possible chaotic behavior of this meteorite.

NASA has decided to send this 350km probe with a corrected trajectory for collision with this meteorite, but the latter’s behavior was not taken into account.

The DART probe shall hit the center of a small meteorite, and this shall cause a slight change in its trajectory, which is enough to remove it from Earth. But, according to scientists, the meteorite will begin to fluctuate and appear in a chaotic state.

Irregular movement of the meteorite can lead to some problems. First, it will complicate the landing of EKA spacecrafts. Then the chaotic movement of the meteorite may hinder future attempts to correct the trajectory of this dangerous space object.

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