March 30
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We noticed that my wife’s head was spinning and had a headache and called a nurse; my wife was three months pregnant, and we linked it to the pregnancy. This is what Norayr Grigoryan, whose 23-year-old wife died from COVID-19 a few days ago, said during a conversation with Armenian

“The next day, she started coughing. The nurse said she needed to be taken to a doctor immediately. Until then, my wife hadn’t complained about anything. We took her to a medical center in Yerevan at night the next day. My wife was under doctors’ supervision. Everything happened at the speed of lightning at the hospital. She was feeling a little normal the second day, and on the third day, the virus led her to death at the speed of lightning,” the husband said, adding that the news that her wife had been curing herself at home is false.

“I don’t blame anyone. I blame COVID-19. She died because of her pregnancy. Her organism became weak due to pregnancy, and she was unable to resist. She didn’t have any health problems. We have a three-year-old child, and she was going to give birth to our second child,” he added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Armenia had reported the death of a 19-20-weeks pregnant woman at a re-profiled hospital dealing with the treatment of the coronavirus. The woman had acute respiratory insufficiency and two-sided pneumonia (40% infected lungs).

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