March 20
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I don’t think he truly wants to celebrate the day of independence, and he is simply telling us that in order to cause us relatives of the deceased servicemen pain again and show that we elected him after he killed our relatives and that he will do it again. This is what Margarita Petrosyan, daughter of Captain Ishkhan Petrosyan who fell in the 44-day war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), said during a meeting held by the relatives of deceased servicemen at Republic Square in Yerevan, touching upon the organizing of a festive event on Independence Day and the fact that Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan used the words “vivid celebration” to describe the event.

“We Armenians are not independent now. We are dependent on the Turks. We are not living in the future that he told us we would have. I don’t understand his actions and the silence of the parents and relatives. The authorities won’t take our words into consideration since they’re preparing to hold the event, and they will. Even if we go to Yerablur Military Pantheon to be with our sons, they will hold the event. If we had won the war and hadn’t lost the lands, I think it would be necessary to celebrate the boys’ victory, but what can we celebrate now? We lost Artsakh and are only left with Yerevan. Where are the people who were rejecting the former authorities? We are losing our country,” the daughter of the deceased officer said.

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