March 27
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Assistant to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nairi Sargsyan is discussing the situation created in front of the government building with the relatives of deceased servicemen.

The relatives demand canceling the concert dedicated to Independence Day on September 21 which Prime Minister Pashinyan recently said would be “a vivid celebration”.

One of the parents offered the assistant to the Prime Minister to cancel or postpone the event and, instead, march to Yerablur Military Pantheon to pay tribute to the heroes who were martyred during the war. Other relatives mentioned that it would have been more appropriate to spend the funds for the event to solve the problems of servicemen and volunteer soldiers who were wounded or became disabled during the war. Another relative asked why the government was organizing a large-scale event at Republic Square when the coronavirus situation has worsened.

Nairi Sargsyan said there wouldn’t be a fireworks display, adding that the memorable events of the past 30 years of Armenia’s history would be shown during the event through enactment. According to him, the event is dedicated to Independence Day, which must be celebrated, and since this year marks the 30th anniversary, the government decided to celebrate it worthily and pay tribute to the victims. The relatives opposed and asked if the government could hold the event after the death anniversary of the servicemen, to which Sargsyan said the fallen soldiers died in different periods and it would be wrong to set a specific date since soldiers died this year as well.

Sargsyan offered the relatives to enter the government building and discuss the issue, but the relatives have different opinions (some support the government’s suggestions, others sharply refuse to enter the building and participate in any discussion).

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