June 19
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During a meeting with the relatives of deceased servicemen who have gathered in front of the government building, Assistant to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nairi Sargsyan declared that no equipment had been brought from Turkey and placed at Republic Square ahead of the festive event to e held on September 21.

“The equipment was brought from different countries since there is no such equipment in Armenia. The equipment was brought from Germany, and there are some markings in Turkish on the truck of the organization that transported the cargo. For instance, there might have been a marking in Turkish on one of these microphones, but I can’t tell the reporter that he is from Turkey. There is nothing at Republic Square that is from Turkey. Yesterday I heard that there was allegedly no Armenian national flag placed behind the Prime Minister during the summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, but the video shows that the flag was placed. Such news is circulated a lot, and there is some guidance on the part of political parties as well,” Sargsyan said.

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