February 27
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Afghan women protested outside the offices of the Taliban morality police in Kabul on Sunday after the militant group shut down the ministry of women's affairs, local news reported, according to Business Insider.

The protesters demonstrated against the closure of the women's ministry and called for their rights to employment and education.

The women held signs with messages including, "elimination of women = elimination of human beings."

On Thursday, women who worked at the women's ministry were locked out.

The next day, the signage was changed to the "propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice."

Although there is little information about the new ministry, it is expected to enforce strict religious doctrines.

The chief of the morality police in Kandahar told The Observer that new rules include women only being allowed to leave home if accompanied by a male guardian, compulsory prayer, and stipulations on beard length for men.

Women in Afghanistan have been fearful of the future after the militant group took control of the country last month.

During the Taliban's previous rule in the 1990s, severe restrictions were placed on women's lives. Although the group has promised to be less severe, they have already begun limiting women's freedom.

Afghan women have been leading the opposition movement against the Taliban, staging several protests in the last few weeks.


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