November 28
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We are holding an event today that is of great importance to our economy. In particular, it refers to the development of incentives for the development of trade and economic relations between Armenia and Russia. Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan told this to reporters within the framework of the Armenian Business Forum 2021 being held in the capital Yerevan Monday, adding that this forum presupposes a more professional and in-depth discussion.

When asked what economic impact the unblocking of roads—around which Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia are negotiating at the level of deputy prime ministers—can bring to Armenia, Grigoryan responded: "It will be a bit difficult to predict accurate calculations and an increase in the volume at this time because there are two factors that still need to be studied. The first fact is that we have been in the realm of restrictions for many years, and in that sense, what role the unblocking [of roads] will play...obviously, it will have a positive effect, but we need to continue to study what will happen in a volumetric sense."

Referring to the same issue, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk said: "The tripartite commission is functioning, the last—seventh—meeting was in mid-August. All parties intend to the unblocking of transport and economic ties. Of course, how to do it is discussed. But it is clear that the lifting of the blockade, the restoration of transport routes will enable creating considerably new opportunities for expanding the amount of trade, including between Armenia and Russia."

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