February 23
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The Presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan already have a very good understanding of the price that they may pay in case of new and possible escalation. This is what Leading Researcher at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Head of the Laboratory of Political Processes Analysis Nikolai Silayev said in the public speech (“Russia in the South Caucasus: Threats and Challenges for the Modern Armenian-Russian Strategic Unity”) that he delivered at Yerevan State University today.

According to him, good relations with Russia are important for both Turkey and Azerbaijan because, in spite of the successes achieved in Nagorno-Karabakh, Baku’s foreign policy stance is far from being ideal.

“Baku isn’t really on good terms with EU member states, especially after the famous “caviar scandal” in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and for several other reasons,” Silayev clarified.

As the Russian political scientist noted, today, a lot depends on how Armenia will respond to the question why it needs Russia and whether it is worth strengthening the alliance with Russia.

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