October 27
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I watched Ilham Aliyev speak at the United Nations General Assembly, and, in essence, he accused Armenia of everything that Armenia can and must accuse Azerbaijan of with documents. This is what leader of the opposition Bright Armenia Party Edmon Marukyan wrote on his Facebook page, adding the following:

“War crimes; military aggression; involvement of mercenaries in hostilities; shelling of civilian objects, including a maternity hospital; destruction of cultural objects, including churches; use of types of weapons containing elements of chemical weapon; use of cluster munitions; use of non-discriminative weapons against peaceful civilians; tortures and murders of prisoners of war; disrespect towards the bodies of murdered servicemen and civilians; publication of war crimes and insemination of Armenophobia among the population through the opening of a “war trophy park in Baku”, etc. — It is necessary to put Ilham Aliyev in his place in front of the whole international community with balanced, literate statements and with arguments.”

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