October 27
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On September 26, we hold a march-candlelight vigil in memory of our holy martyrs, our heroes. Ishkhan Saghatelyan, the National Assembly deputy speaker from the opposition "Armenia" Faction, told this to Armenian

"The march is organized by the ‘Hayastan’ Bloc, but it is not a political event, it is open for our compatriots. The aim of the march is to honor the memory of our casualties, holy martyrs, and to show that the Armenian people are united, are the masters of their homeland, the masters of their statehood, and the work of the heroes who died for the homeland will be continued. Even political speeches are not planned because the message of that day and the goal set before us are different," he said.

Saghatelyan noted that from now on they will hold numerous political actions, as they cannot prevent only through parliamentary activities the danger threatening the state.

"Consequently, we will work very actively in both directions—both inside and outside the parliament. Yes, you will witness various actions—marches, rallies and events. We plan also to organize meetings in the provinces," he added.

To note, at 6:30pm on Sunday, the "Armenia" Bloc will kick off a torchlight procession from Garegin Nzhdeh Square to Yerablur Military Pantheon in Yerevan.

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