December 01
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In the attached videos we see police using brute force, a chief police officer giving them commands with swear words and children crying since they are intimidated by the police officers’ atrocities. This is what former chairman of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia Ara Zohrabyan wrote on his Facebook page, attaching videos showing how police officers use force and apprehend a citizen and how they are ordered to “lay him down on the ground and stick him in the car”.

“If these types of police officers aren’t wiped from the system and aren’t strictly punished, no police officer will enjoy the trust of the public anymore, along with the police officers who act in good faith.

Article 3 of the Law on Police of Armenia states that the activities of the Police are based on the principles of lawfulness, respect for the rights, freedoms, honor and dignity of a person, as well as humanitarianism and publicity. In this incident, there was no principle of respect for the rights, freedoms and honor of a person, and there was no humanitarianism at all. The police needed to be guided by these principles, no matter whether the aim of the police was legitimate or not (it was not legitimate according to the advocate, the administrative act was challenged).

As a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and as an advocate, I CALL ON the Chief of Police of Armenia and the Head of the Special Investigation Service of Armenia to examine this incident and solve the issue of liability of the guilty police officers,” he wrote.

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