April 23
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The legal team of the former Minister of Defense, Davit Tonoyan, will demand that he be included in the actual expertise into the quality of the weapons and ammunition that were supplied to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia (RA). Tonoyan's attorneys have noted about this in a statement, which continues as follows:

"As already reported, the legal team [of Tonoyan] was informed just recently that the expertise scheduled for July 2021 was left incomplete. Leaving the expertise incomplete further deepens the concerns of the legal team that the [ongoing criminal] investigation [against Tonoyan] is highly subjective and the NSS [(National Security Service)] avoids conducting it, as it already realizes that it is in a deadlock.

We argue that in the conditions of incomplete expertise, the bringing of charges against Mr. Tonoyan and his arrest are absolutely baseless.

The defense has the right to get familiarized with the decision of the appointed new expertise and to make motions on it, with one of which we will demand to include us in the conduct of the actual expertise.

As we have already stated, Mr. Tonoyan is confident that the results of the special professional expertise will give substantiated and impartial answers to the allegations about [supplying] for the RA Armed Forces ‘low-quality’ weapons and ammunition that ‘do not comply with technical norms.’"

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