December 01
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes: Since October 14, when the citizens [in Armenia], by the order of the Minister of Health, had to either be vaccinated [against the coronavirus] or submit a negative test result, there are large crowds of citizens and queues at the laboratories where coronavirus tests are carried out. Citizens avoiding vaccination, according to the minister's order, have to submit a negative test result to the employer so as not to lose their jobs in the future.

Our sources inform that due to the demand for mandatory tests, there is a shortage of [respective] test kits is beginning to be noticed in the country, which in the future may lead to an increase in test prices.

As it is known, the local production is not able to supply a large number of [such] test kits, the test kits are imported from abroad, but the test kit importers have not taken into account one thing that after the entry into force of the mandatory testing requirement at the minister’s order, huge queues for tests will be formed at the laboratories.

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