December 04
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Turkey is preparing for two military operations in northern Syria, a source of the Syrian opposition told RIA Novosti.

The source clarified that the soldiers have split into a few directions in order to act in Idlib and in certain settlements of Mari and Azaz (northern Aleppo), that is, in the vicinity of Minig military airport.

According to the source, the military is preparing to carry out two operations at once, including the one to support the armed formations deployed in northwestern Idlib and to fight against the “Democratic Forces of Syria” in northeastern Syria. Asked when the launch of the campaign is expected, the interlocutor said it can start at any moment.

Turkey’s President has said he plans to discuss with his American counterpart in Glasgow the redemption of the $1,400,000,000 debt for the F-35 fighter jets that the U.S. refused to supply to Ankara due to the S-400s deal with Moscow. The White House hasn’t confirmed news about the upcoming meeting yet. Earlier, Erdogan hadn’t ruled out a new military raid, referring to the increase of the Kurds’ attacks on Turkish soldiers. The Turkish parliament has affirmed extension of the military operation in Syria and Iraq for two years.

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