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In 2022, thirteen programs, with 56 measures, are planned to be implemented within the framework of the Ministry of Economy of Armenia. Minister of finance Tigran Khachatryan stated about this at Tuesday’s parliamentary standing committees’ joint debates on the draft state budget for 2022. He added that is envisaged to allocate more than 41.8 billion drams, which is 21.9 percent more than in 2021, from next year’s budget for these purposes.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure plans to implement 22 programs, with 129 measures, next year. "It is planned to allocate 278 billion 590 million drams for those purposes. The growth, compared to 2021, will make about 31.6 percent, or 66 billion 922 million drams," the finance minister informed.

It is planned to allocate a little more than 17 billion 278 million drams to the Ministry of High-Tech Industry. This is 8 billion 155 million drams, or 89.4 percent, more than in 2021.

The Armenian government plans to allocate 850.9 million drams from the state budget for the needs of the Public Services Regulatory Commission; the respective increase will make 1.6 percent.

A total of 4.99 billion drams, or 7.6 percent more, will be allocated to the Cadastre Committee.

The Competition Protection Commission shall carry out only one program, with one measure, in 2022. The corresponding budget expenses will make 544 million drams, and the respective increase will make 0.45 percent compared to the current year.

The Ministry of Urban Development will receive 1.585 billion drams—an increase of 43.8 percent.

The State Revenue Committee plans to carry out one program, with 11 events. A total of 33.802 billion drams will be allocated for these purposes. The increase will make 4 percent.

And the Ministry of Finance shall carry out four programs, with 15 measures. A total of 218.4 billion drams will be allocated from the state budget in this regard, and the corresponding increase will make 19.4 billion drams, or about 9.8 percent.

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