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During the meeting, we had asked the police chief to help organize a meeting, and based on the reached agreement, the Prime Minister will meet with the parents on Saturday. This is what father of a missing Armenian serviceman Garik Mkhitaryan told reporters.

“Now we the parents need to formulate our questions and inform how many parents will attend the meeting. Our demand and request is to have a very limited number of people so that we can hear each other speak. We want to have a general response and understand what the situation is after investigative actions and what the results with regard to DNA tests are. There are captives whose captivity is confirmed, while there are others whose captivity is doubtful. It is necessary to find out if there is specific information regarding them and how many of them are still considered missing in action,” Mkhitaryan informed

Hours ago, a dozen parents of servicemen deemed to be missing in action had shut down the road leading to the government building with the demand to meet with the Prime Minister of Armenia. Later, the relatives opened the street since an agreement had been reached to meet with the deputy police chief and organize a meeting with the Prime Minister through mediation of the police.

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