January 21
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YEREVAN. - A new video excerpt from the negotiations between Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II and head of Armenian Apostolic Church, Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II appeared on Youtube video hosting.

The clergymen speak in Russian and, judging from the clip, Armenian Catholicos and the present party remained in highest spirits.

“You have it all, you have chickens, you have greens, and you have vine,” Karekin II told Ilia II on the video.

Note that after the visit of Armenian Catholicos Karekin II to Georgia on June 11-15, Georgian Patriarch Ilia II stated during Sunday sermon at Holy Trinity Cathedral that Karekin II is a young man and he probably needs more experience.

'He has an acute mind, but he tries to make things go fast, which does not work out. I told him that I have profound experience, which suggests that the composed way is the best way.”

The Patriarch said that the Georgian Church is open for everybody but it will never permit oppression of Georgian people and Georgia.

Armenian Church refrained from commenting this statement.

“Karekin II respects Ilia II and gives highest estimations of his experience,” Spokesperson for Etchmiadzin Ter Vahram Melikyan told Armenian correspondent.

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