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The Azerbaijani authorities will try to establish centers for training terrorists under the name of educational institutions. This is what Minister of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Davit Babayan said, commenting on the statement on ‘the need for re-establishment of the pedagogical institute’, at the request of Armenian Let us note that the institute hasn’t been dissolved at all, as Baku claims, and it served as a ground for the establishment of a university.

“Let’s start from the facts. There truly used to be a pedagogical institute in Stepanakert, the graduates of which are several highly qualified specialists who had been working for the development of Nagorno-Karabakh for years. The alumni were working in the state apparatus. True, the authorities of Soviet Azerbaijan tried to use the education sector for its geopolitical goals, and what they achieved was the opening of an Azerbaijani section at the pedagogical institute, even though there was no need for this since there were not enough Azerbaijani students. However, a political decision was made, and students were sent from different parts of Soviet Azerbaijan to Nagorno-Karabakh for service since this wasn’t training.

Afterwards, several students stayed in the autonomous region. With this, the former authorities of Soviet Azerbaijan were trying to change the demographic situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, and they managed to make some changes to a certain extent. For instance, when the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast was established in 1923, the Azerbaijani population comprised 2%, and 98% of the people were Armenian. In 1988, Armenians made up 78% of the population. Nevertheless, the Azerbaijanis failed to achieve their goal.

As far as the statement by a so-called deputy ‘representing’ a certain community is concerned, it’s clear that the representative is speaking out about Azerbaijan’s geopolitical plans. The real goal under the veil of the ‘institute’ is to create a military city in order to seize Nagorno-Karabakh. The Azerbaijani authorities might make provocations. For instance, they might open an institute in Shushi and proclaim it “Khankendi”. It is necessary to recall that nobody wants to go to the territories occupied by Azerbaijan, no matter how much the country’s authorities try to declare the opposite. Average terrorists and high-ranking officials visit the territories, and they have actually privatized whatever is left in Shushi. All this is the response to the previously declared plan to open the “Gray Wolves” lyceum in Shushi. The Azerbaijani authorities might open a similar educational institution and train terrorists under the veil of creating an institute. Moreover, recently everyone saw how the Turkish president and the leader of the “Gray Wolves” displayed the pan-Turkish map. This project seems unserious at first sight, but there are serious goals behind this,” Babayan declared.

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