September 29
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I believe there will be a certain trilateral statement, just like the statement in January of this year. This is what Senior Scientific Worker of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russian political scientist Nikolai Silayev said during a conversation with Armenian, touching upon the meeting that Pashinyan, Putin and Aliyev will hold tomorrow in Sochi and the possible outcomes.

Silayev had trouble saying what impact the adoption of a new statement will have on the processes unfolding in the South Caucasus since he isn’t aware of the content of the documents.

Asked why the sides officially announced the meeting in Sochi after Pashinyan and Aliyev had reached an agreement through the mediation of President of the European Council Charles Michel to meet on Dec. 15 on the sidelines of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels, the Russian political scientist noted that the decisions to be made in Brussels won’t be like the decisions expected to be made in Sochi because the decision to meet in Brussels was impromptu.

In response to the question whether Russia and the European Union are competing in order to organize the negotiations, Silayev said, in his opinion, it would be inappropriate to use the word ‘competition’. Asked if it is possible to conclude that Moscow isn’t concerned about the expected meeting in Brussels, the Russian political scientist said Moscow isn’t concerned and proceeds from the fact that the sides need to agree on the issues that concern the trilateral statement signed on November 9, 2020.

As far as Russia’s approach to the establishment of communication links of the main sector of Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan through Armenia’s territory and particularly the status is concerned, Soliyev said, in his opinion, judging from press releases, it is an approach agreed at the high level.

According to Silayev, it is still likely that there will be military clashes on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

“I believe that, yes, unfortunately, there are still risks and likelihood. I think the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan will touch upon the issue during the meeting in Sochi,” Silayev said.

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