February 24
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At the meeting in Sochi, Russia, it was stated in the form of statements that in the Soviet era there was a common state, whereas there were no borders. Tigran Abrahamyan, an MP from the opposition "With Honor" Faction in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia (RA) and a security expert, wrote about this on Facebook.

"This was being noted to show the importance of the [Armenia-Azerbaijan border] delimitation process, but in reality it created a much more dangerous situation.

In the conditions of such perceptions, the Azerbaijani troops’ invasion in the RA sovereign territory is not considered an aggression, but a purely border dispute.

Moreover, the president of Azerbaijan was constantly trying to present the aggression against the RA as an unplanned border incident.

These statements show that the probability of a new [military] aggression by Azerbaijan in the near future remains, regardless of whether delimitation begins or the borders are unblocked.

It turns out that in terms of international perceptions, local actions at various directions of the border will be qualified as a ‘border dispute,’ and its accountability will be equally placed on both sides.

And the crossing of the red lines will be viewed for the same international community when the military actions will be large-scale.

But nobody knows what scale of actions will be qualified as ‘large-scale’ and what measures will be taken by foreign players to restrain Azerbaijan in the current situation.

It remains to be seen whether in such a case ‘restraining’ Azerbaijan will rule out Armenia's new capitulation," Abrahamyan added.

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