January 27
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I believe that when this government changes, we will be able to get rid of them and when the interests of Armenia will be represented by people whose all real motives are in the national and state interests, then we will have also the opportunity to liberate those roads—as well as that of Chakaten. Vahe Hakobyan, a member of the opposition "Armenia" Faction in the National Assembly of Armenia and former governor of Syunik Province, told this to reporters Wednesday at the NA—and responding to reporters' questions about the possibility of reopening of the Goris-Kapan motorway. Also, he stressed that only in this case it will be possible to bring the negotiations to a sound plane, and not to conduct them permanently under the defeats and concessions.

The opposition MP said that the "Armenia" Bloc is ready to take such a responsibility, and explained that by saying "obligation" he means bringing the state and national interests to the forefront.

Hakobyan stated that he had no information about the reports on the Azerbaijani armed forces’ withdrawal from the Ishkhanasar hills. According to him, apparently, the weather conditions have worsened there, and therefore the Azerbaijanis there have taken refuge in their fortifications in that area and are not visible at the top of the mountain, but in reality, they cannot intend to retreat due to the working style of the incumbent Armenian authorities.

"They see that a weak, 'toothless' person [i.e., Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan] is in front of them. How can they withdraw their troop in such conditions?" Hakobyan asked, and insisted that the Azerbaijanis have not withdrawn from the Ishkhanasar hills.

"For what should they have withdrawn? Were they afraid of our Ministry of Defense, with incomprehensible personnel changes?" the opposition lawmaker added.

Vahe Hakobyan ruled out that there could have been an arrangement during the talks between the leaders of Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan last week in Sochi, Russia, regarding the withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops, as no one believes Armenian PM Pashinyan's words.

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