April 18
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The voter turnout at the elections to local self-government bodies at 17.00 Yerevan time, that is, 3 hours before the end of voting, amounted to 33.8% (376,003 voters out of 1 million 112 thousand 396 voted). These data were published by the Central Election Commission.

In the third city of the country, Vanadzor (former Kirovakan), 29.01% of voters (26,744 out of 91,182) had voted by 5 pm. It is here that elections to the Council of Elders (city representative body) according to the proportional system, that is, according to party lists, are being held for the second time.

In the remaining 35 enlarged communities, which basically correspond to the districts that existed in the Soviet years, elections to representative bodies under the proportional system are being held for the first time. They will elect new leaders of the local executive power.

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