January 26
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Azerbaijani “activeness” in the direction of Karmir Shuka village of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) is a direct threat from the point of view of the psychological immunity of the population and the organization of a normal life. Artsakh Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) Gegham Stepanyan stated about this in an interview with Sputnik Armenia, confirming the information about the shots fired from Azerbaijani military outposts in the direction of Karmir Shuka Monday.

"Yesterday, at around 21:30, there was a shooting for about 15 minutes. They [i.e., the Azerbaijani soldiers] fired into the air to intimidate the civilian population; also, they used light-emitting bullets. We have no information about any damage, today the situation was calm, no new shootings were registered," Stepanyan said.

To note, the adversary’s military outposts are located about 1 kilometer from Karmir Shuka.

Stepanyan says that especially in recent days, the “activeness” of the Azerbaijani armed forces is also aimed at disrupting active agricultural work; and even if they just shoot in the air, it's all the same, as people's normal lives are disrupted.

"We constantly insist that these outposts should be removed from the vicinity of civilian settlements because only their presence there is already a threat. At the moment, it is a period of autumn sowing, whereas the residents feel threatened in order to safely carry out their agricultural work," Stepanyan explained.

According to the Artsakh ombudsman, the only way to solve the problem is to withdraw the Azerbaijani outposts near the Armenian settlements—both in Artsakh and in Armenia.

The Armenian side has expressed its position on this issue to the Russian peacekeepers, too, but so far the issue remains pending.

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