January 29
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Under the case of the brawl that took place in the National Assembly of Armenia yesterday, Gerasim Vardanyan, Sevak Nazaryan and Taron Nazaryan, assistants to deputies of the opposition “Armenia” Faction Tadevos Avetisyan, Ishkhan Saghatelyan and Armenuhi Kyureghyan, respectively, have been summoned to the National Security Service to provide explanations, Sevak Nazaryan confirmed the news during a conversation with Armenian

On December 7, deputy of the opposition “Armenia” Faction Ishkhan Saghatelyan’s assistant told reporters that he had heard voices while passing through the hallway and, approaching the hallway, he said that a few deputies of the ruling parliamentary faction had beaten three assistants to opposition MPs in the office of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Ruben Rubinyan. In particular, among the among the beaters, he recognized Vahagn Aleksanyan, Hrachya Hakobyan and Sisak Gabrielyan. He claims that there were security officers, but they didn’t interfere in any way.

Sevak Nazaryan added that among those who were particularly beaten were the assistants of Armenuhi Kyureghyan, Tadevos Avetisyan and Ishkhan Saghatelyan, including Gerasim Vardanyan.

After the incident, citizens held a protest near the parliament building with the demand that the deputies who participated in the incident to come down and give a clarification, and at the end, they also demanded that the MPs drop their mandates and stated a reasonable timeframe.

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