November 27
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Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the Vision EQXX concept, Motor reported.

The four-seater electric vehicle is a showcase of technological advances in various fields of science such as aerodynamics, batteries and composites.

For example, the Vision EQXX can travel about a thousand kilometers on a single charge, but its battery is 30 percent lighter than that of the EQS, although it has a similar capacity. The prototype is also charged by the sun, and its onboard electronics are controlled by pulsed neural networks.

The first thing that catches your eye: the Vision EQXX is unlike any serial Mercedes. The streamlined body with a Kamma tail is a clear nod to the 2015 IAA Concept, although the aerodynamics have taken on a whole new level here. The manufacturer declared a record coefficient of air resistance - 0.17. It is achieved thanks to a small front area, a drop-shaped cabin, a rear track narrowed by 50 millimeters, as well as passive and active aerodynamics.

The Vision EQXX is based on the new Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA) for compact and midsize electric vehicles. A lightweight aluminum subframe at the rear of the prototype is cast using topological optimization algorithms, that is, with voids in unloaded areas. The seals are 3D printed from recycled UBQ Materials. The same technology is used for the domes of the front shock absorbers (suspension components are attached to them), as well as elements of the chassis of a completely serial EQS.

Finally, for the interior, the producers used a number of innovative materials developed by startups around the world. For example, AMSilk's biodegradable biodegradable fiber tectile Biosteel went to the door straps. Derived from the mycelium of mushrooms, leatherette Mylo and its analogue Deserttex based on cactus fibers became the upholstery of the seats and the central tunnel. The concept carpets were made of bamboo, the steering wheel was covered with Dinamica microfiber, and the linings were made of UBQ bioplastic.

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