May 24
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Armenia must follow the path of creating a professional army, said Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at a press conference on Monday, answering the question of whether reforms have begun in the army and what is the strategy - by analogy with the Russian army, or will modern Western trends be taken into account.

“Firstly, we must follow the path of creating a professional army. This is not the same as an army staffed by contract employees. We will not set the task of conquering the territories before the Armed Forces, and the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia is the task of our army. I also want to state that we should not shift the entire burden of ensuring our security to the army. It is very important to facilitate its task with our peace agenda, foreign policy, and not make the burden of our army heavier.

Of course, we must have a combat-ready army that meets international standards, but this army will not be the spokesman for the aggressive policy of Armenia, but the spokesman for the agenda for opening an era of peace for the region and Armenia,” Pashinyan said.

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