May 25
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Transparency International has released its 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Accordingly, Armenia’s 2021 CPI score did not change compared to 2020 (49) and its standard error is 3.76 (in 2020 it was 3.50). Similar to the previous year, Armenia’s score is higher, than the global average for CPI, which is equal to 43.

For the calculation of Armenia’s 2021 CPI score the same sources were used, as in 2020. Those sources are Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index 2022 (BS(TI)), Corruption sub-indicator of the Freedom House Nations in Transit 2021 report (FH), Global Insight Country Risk Ratings 2020 (GI), Political Risks Services (PRS) International Country Risk 2021 Guide (PRS), Varieties of Democracy 2021 edition (VDEM), and World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey 2020 (WEF).

In the 2021 CPI ranking table Armenia together with Greece, Jordan, and Namibia shares 58-61 places among 180 countries (in 2020 with the same CPI score it was sharing 60-62 places among 180 countries). 

According to Transparency International’s regional division, Armenia, as before, is included in the Eastern Europe-Central Asia region. Similar to 2020 Armenia is on the 2nd place among 19 countries of the region. In the region Armenia lags only behind Georgia, whose 2021 CPI score is 55 (45-48th places in the world ranking). 

As of Armenia’s neighbors, except Georgia, Armenia continues to be ahead of its three other neighbors—Turkey (96th-101st places in the world ranking), Azerbaijan (128-135th places), and Iran (150th-153rd places). Their 2021 CPI scores are 38, 30 and 25, respectively.

Similar to 2020, all member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) score worse, than Armenia. In particular, 2021 CPI scores of Belarus is 41 (82nd-84th places), Russia—29 (136-139th places), Kyrgyzstan—27 (144-146th places), and Kazakhstan—37 (102nd-104th places).

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