April 01
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The opposition "Armenia" Faction of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia has put into circulation a draft proposing to condemn the "Shushi Declaration," which the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey had signed on June 15, 2021, and a few days later their parliaments had ratified this document.

"The [aforesaid] draft proposes to give an assessment to the [abovementioned] ‘declaration’ because it is completely directed against Armenia and Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)]. If during the 44-day [Artsakh] war [in the fall of 2020] Turkey unofficially took part in the battle, now they can easily intervene in case of any provocation because they already have a military-political alliance [with Azerbaijan]. The ‘declaration’ also shows the expansionist aspirations of those [two] countries towards the ‘Zangezur corridor’ [of Armenia], and the issue of the Armenian Genocide will be removed from the foreign policy of Armenia and will become a topic of discussion solely for historians. The [Armenian] authorities are obligated to respond to all this—although they have said noting [about it] to this day," Andranik Tevanyan, an MP of the "Armenia" Faction and the rapporteur of the aforementioned draft, told Armenian

According to Tevanyan, the "Shushi Declaration" proves that the current Armenian-Turkish talks cannot be held without preconditions.

As per the lawmaker, with the adoption of this draft, the Armenian state will express its official position on the "Shushi Declaration."

"In this way, we will show that we have security 'red lines' which we will not give up. If Turkey and Azerbaijan have ratified a ‘declaration’ that is clearly against Armenia and Artsakh, how can we not respond?" Tevanyan added, in particular.

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