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MOSCOW. – Russian version of Forbes magazine made the list of 50 most famous people of Russia. Showmen Garik Martirosyan and Mikhail Galustyan both of Armenian origin were included in the list.

The leader of the rating for the most famous people of this year is Stas Mikhailov. The tennis player Maria Sharapova, who occupied the first position for six years incessantly, is the second. Alla Pugacheva is the third yielding from the second position.

The rating is run by three parameters including annual income, attention of media and public attention that the star attracts through Internet.

37-year-old Garik Martirosyan occupies 27th position in the rating. His annual income was $2.8 million last year. Media mentioned him for 80 times. People searched him for 430,000 times in the Internet. The other famous Armenian Mikhail Galustyan occupies 36th position with $2.7 million income. Media mentioned him 61 times. Internet searches were 820,000 times.

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