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YEREVAN. – Studies concerning migration from Armenia for the last years were not conducted and it is not possible to provide correct data, head of State Migration Service of Armenia Gagik Yeganyan told at a press conference on Friday.

However, there is no sharp increase in migration based on the comparison of the numbers of those departed and arrived. Official data state that negative migration increased by 15,000 (28.6 %) making 67,300 people in the last six months compared to the same period of last year. June registered positive migration with 2,000 people compared to 3,700 people of last year.

The negative migration compared to annual bases was 29,900 in 2010. In 2009 it was 25,000. Thus, the difference between departed and arrived people is for the benefit of the departed people but it is not huge. However, flows include also tourist and diplomatic visits so cannot serve for counting concrete migration data.

Yeganyan also stated that 150,000 people or 25,000 annually migrated from Armenia during 2002-2007. The greatest number of migration took place in 1992-1994 when about 600,000 people migrated forever.

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