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YEREVAN. - Without Armenia Georgia will become a token coin for Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem, said PhD in history Levon Shirinyan on Wednesday.

Reflecting upon Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s comment that “any enemy of Azerbaijan and Georgia is considered to be a common enemy for both states” Shirinyan said that such behavior is nothing but an attempt to extract dividends from the waves of pressure exerted by Turkey and Azerbaijan on Armenia.

“Georgia must realize that Armenia always took the first blow in the region and Georgia gained time to asses and improve the situation for her own good. Official Yerevan must actively promote the Armenian factor in Georgia, whereas nowadays due to different reasons this factor is almost completely silenced. We have to live according to political realities rather than subjective views on them,” said Shirinyan. “Georgia pursues exactly the same policy as in 1918 - 1920. It did its best to use the calamitous atmosphere of post-Genocide Armenia and to grab the last remnants of Tsarist Russia financial and economic resources. It even went so far as to block the flow of medical supplies to Armenia. The principles of this policy over the past decades have not changed.”

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