June 30
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After the 44-day war in 2020, it was the Armenian citizen who prevented the collapse of statehood, said Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in his speech at the Armenian Democracy forum on Friday.

"There are two important questions. First, to what extent is democracy able to protect and maintain the security of the country? And to what extent is democracy able to protect and preserve the sovereignty and independence of the country? The answer to the second question is unequivocal, I have already presented it - today democracy is the most important and key factor in guaranteeing and maintaining the sovereignty and independence of Armenia. Our task is to prove that democracy, yes, is able to ensure the external and internal security of the country. In this regard, I would like to emphasize and note the importance of the peace agenda adopted by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the mandate for which was issued by a citizen of the Republic of Armenia," he noted.

"In general, I consider it very important to formulate and discuss the peace agenda and in the logic that, in the end, key decisions in the country, as I said, are made by citizens in accordance with the rules of democracy, in the manner established by the Constitution and legislation. It is very important that we provide complete and proper information to the citizen so that he is sufficiently informed when making his decisions."

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