July 01
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The Corruption Prevention Commission has proved that Armenia can create an important effective body, Minister of Justice Karen Andreasyan said at the Armenian Democracy Forum.

“In the morning I was informed that the commission had sent confidential documents related to several judges, revealing serious corruption risks. I won't give names. And I hope I will not be held accountable for publishing this information,” Andreasyan said.

“There is vetting, vetting continues, but this is not the vetting that political and public figures initially spoke about. For big vetting, we need constitutional reforms. For us, this is an important issue – how to make vetting so that the process is not unconstitutional. At the same time, we understand very well, and [US ambasador to Armenia Lynne Tracy - ed.] Ambassador Tracy noted this, that we cannot devastate the entire judicial system in one day and not create a collapse of justice. The work currently being carried out in the system of disciplinary liability of judges, I believe, is one of the most important, most effective and most serious steps of our ministry, about which the society, unfortunately, is not very well informed,” the minister said.

According to Andreasyan, one of the most important steps of the ministry and government is the correct activation of the system of disciplinary liability of judges: “This is the best way to achieve justice without shocks.”

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