July 03
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 Russian political analyst Nikolay Silaev, in a conversation with told that he thinks the current situation in Karabakh will last for a long time and that all the sides involved understand this.

According to his assessment, there will be no attempts to significantly move the situation on the ground until the end of the military operation in Ukraine, because after 24 February, the stakes for everyone have grown very much, first of all for Russia.

"This is no longer quite the Russia that everyone was dealing with on 9 November 2020. To demand the early withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Karabakh means radically spoiling relations with Russia. Do any of the parties need to radically damage relations with Russia? I would not expect this.

Of course, the Russian military presence on the territory that Azerbaijan considers its own is very sensitive for Azerbaijan. The situation that developed in the region as a result of the second Karabakh war does not satisfy Armenia, but any stable international order is always completely unsatisfactory for all the parties involved.

I would not expect any radical changes. It seems to me that the situation that has developed can last for a long time," Silaev noted.

He said that Russia is interested in strengthening good relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan, especially since all global logistics are changing now because of the sanctions.

"A new impetus for the development of transport communications is important, and good relations with Armenia and good relations with Azerbaijan are important for us here. It is important for us to unblock communications, the North-South transport corridor," the expert added.

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