August 20
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Relatives of those killed in the bloody incident in Aparan, Armenia about a week ago are staging a protest. They demand to find out the participants of this incident and punish them.

On June 19, a murder took place on the road from Aparan city to Nigavan village in Aragatsotn Province. Seven people were taken to Aparan hospital—and with various degrees of bodily injuries. One of them died without regaining consciousness, and the six others were transferred to Yerevan medical centers. Hours later, however, another one of them died.

Dzoraglukh town resident Armen Hovhannisyan, 32, has been detained along the lines of the respective criminal case. According to the Investigative Committee of Armenia, he, while driving last Saturday evening in Aparan with his brother, honked the horn of his car to another car, passed the latter and stopped it, then approached the driver of this car and argued with him. But a group of Aparan residents intervened.

The next day, and in order to continue this argument, the aforesaid 32-year-old man, together with his brother and several other people, went to Aparan again where they met one of the people who had intervened in their argument the day before and beat him.

Later in the evening, the argument continued in Nigavan village, during which the 32-year-old man fired shots from a rifle at the people arguing with them. Two Aparan residents who were taken to the Aparan medical center—and with gunshot wounds—died, and five others were taken to Yerevan hospitals.

According to media reports, those involved in this incident are the relatives of ruling Civil Contract Party (CCP) lawmaker Matevos Asatryan and the cousin of Edgar Parvanyan, the CCP member deputy governor of Aragatsotn Province, and the argument had started when the youth from Aparan had cursed PM Nikol Pashinyan.

MP Asatryan, however, has denied the involvement of himself and his family members in this incident. Aragatsotn deputy governor Parvanyan, in turn, said this information was false.

A criminal case has been launched in connection with this case.

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