March 23
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Dubai is a city of contrasts. On the one hand - business and shopping centers, skyscrapers, and luxury, and on the other - traditional buildings made of clay and wood. This place is the perfect intersection of the past, present, and future! Getting to know only one of the sides will not give a complete picture of the city, and the process of choosing among the many attractions of Dubai is not an easy task.

Let's start with the historical part: the Al Fahidi quarter

The Bur Dubai area is one of the city's oldest historic sites, with construction beginning in the early 1900s. Walking around the area allows you to see the old town - with its traditional wind towers, lively courtyards, and winding streets.

You can get to the quarter on the traditional and affordable Emirati 'taxi' boats.

Here are the famous Dubai markets for fabrics, spices, gold, and perfumery, where you can buy inexpensive, high-quality handicrafts.

Emirates-style cultural dinner

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is located in the Al Fahidi Historic Quarter, where during lunch, guests taste traditional Emirati dishes and get acquainted with the local culture, traditions, and religion.

The employees of the center present the details and features of life in the UAE.

Acquaintance with the history of the development of Dubai and the UAE

The Al Shindagha Museum is hosting a multimedia exhibition entitled Dubai Creek: Birth of a City. Part of the museum is dedicated to the traditional production of perfumery, which presents the features and subtleties of making handmade perfumes.

You can get acquainted with the history of the creation of the United Arab Emirates in the interactive Etihad Museum. It was built on the site of the historic building of the House of the Union, where the founding fathers signed the UAE Constitution.

Visit one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai - Koran Park

The park is dedicated to 51 species of plants mentioned in the holy book of Muslims - the Koran. The miracles performed by the prophets and mentioned in the Koran will be presented to visitors through interactive technologies in seven exhibition halls of the park.

The park has 12 gardens and a glass house where plants are kept.

Desert safari

Thrill-seekers and adventure seekers can enjoy a safari organized by Platinum Heritage.

During a desert safari in the 1950s Land Rovers, which were the first cars in Dubai, you will fully enjoy the dunes and briefly plunge into the mysterious world of the desert.

At sunset, guests are offered a show with wild hawks, and upon arrival at the Bedouin camp, they will be treated to a traditional Bedouin dinner, you can ride camels, and then enjoy the starry sky and imagine how the Bedouins navigated in the endless desert.

Dubai in summer: Summer Surprises Festival

The summer period is ideal for traveling to the Emirates, especially for shopping lovers. For 25 years, Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) has been bringing shopping malls and boutiques together with discounts from 25 to 95 percent, various promotions, and entertainment for both you and your children. This year DSS runs from July 1st to September 4th. In addition to shopping, the festival features exciting performances by local and international artists every week.

Also during the summer, most hotels and resorts in Dubai offer big discounts and promotions, such as affordable all-inclusive holidays

A paradise for shopping lovers

Dubai is home to the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. The shopping center is 1.1 million square meters and is located next to another record-breaking and the world’s tallest building - Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Mall is a shopaholic's paradise. There are thousands of brands - for every budget and taste. One day would not be possible to get around not only the entire mall but even half of it.

There are many restaurants and other entertainment activities. For example, an aquarium with a volume of 10,000 cubic meters, in which more than 33,000 marine animals live. Visitors can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the aquarium through a 48-meter tunnel, and thrill-seekers can immediately dive into it.

Children can be “handed over” to KidZania. This is a scaled-down model of Dubai that recreates 60 urban sites, including the Heritage Village. Young visitors are allowed to become adults for one day and learn new skills by trying on any of 80 professions.

Dubai from above

Consisting of twin towers 150 meters high and a bridge 93 meters long, the Dubai Frame is one of the most famous places in the city. From the height of the bridge, you can see Dubai in all its colors. On one side of the observation deck you can see modern Dubai, and on the other - the old city.

The Emirates paid attention to presenting the history of the country, so it is not surprising that on the ground floor of this modern building, guests are introduced to the life of the inhabitants of old Dubai through a 3D show.

The newly opened The View place is located inside the Nakheel Mall. It is built in the center of one of the most famous artificial islands in Dubai - Palm Jumeirah. Before entering the observation deck, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the creation of an artificial island. Being on the site, visitors can see the island, the Persian Gulf, and the city itself at 360 degrees.

Museum of the Future: the most beautiful building in the world will take you to the future

The Dubai Future Museum takes visitors to 2071, presenting the UAE's vision for the future.

The museum opened recently, on February 13, and is already recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The museum is built in the shape of an eye - a symbol of the eye that sees the future. It is covered with Arabic script, with quotes from the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed.

To answer many questions about people, cities, societies, the future of planet Earth, and space, the museum exhibits depict an almost fantasy world, providing visitors with an innovative experience through exhibitions about the future development of space activities, climate change, and ecology, health care and spiritual values.

We also recommend taking a walk along the newly opened Dubai Creek Harbor and visiting the Mondoux restaurant, where you can enjoy the best French cuisine.

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