October 01
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This guy (Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan - ed.) seems to have a special attitude toward the word "traitor," which is why he reacts this way, the chairman of the Armenian National Committee -Netherlands Masis Abrahamyan, who is banned from entering Armenia, told on August 2.

Abrahamyan assured that the protesters did not commit any violent actions during the protest against Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's visit to the Netherlands, which could have been grounds for banning him from entering Armenia.

According to him, if this had happened, the issue "should have been solved not by the corrupt police of Nicola, but by the strict police of the Netherlands." "The Dutch police would not allow any illegal actions. If we tried to throw something at the car, the police would interfere with our actions. It is ruled out that anything illegal could have been committed during this action, because the police were a 'watershed' between us and Pashinyan's motorcade, and we could only express our protest by shouting," Abrahamyan said.

He noted that he had issued a power of attorney to his lawyer Ruben Melikyan to have his complaint accepted today or tomorrow.

"My daughter Syune, who was also banned from entering Armenia, participated in a protest organized during Nikol Pashinian's visit. She held an action inside the hotel, shouting "Nikol is a traitor." At that time Pashinyan's security guards immediately escorted them out in a very rude manner, but no violence was used," said the chairman of ANC-Netherlands.

Abrahamyan is now at the airport in Warsaw, in a few hours he will arrive in the Netherlands.

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