September 25
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The residents of Aghavno and Berdzor settlements of Artsakh, who were given time by the Artsakh authorities to leave their homes by August 25, are packing their belongings these days, but so far no family has left the settlements.

Many have not yet decided where they will move, whether they will move to Artsakh or settle in Armenia. A total of 204 residents will be evacuated from Aghavno; 174 remain in Berdzor, where 2,000 residents lived before the war. Sus village will also come under Azerbaijani control, but there are no residents there now. The residents of Berdzor and Aghavno cannot reconcile themselves to the idea of leaving their homes built by their own hands to the enemy.

"The intention to move to Armenia or to move to Artsakh is mixed, at the moment people do not know what to do, any decision can be changed. The situation is unresolved like everyone else, I haven't thought about it yet, I don't have time, I will make a decision in a calmer state," Berdzor Mayor Narek Aleksanyan told

A few days ago, Artsakh's Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Hayk Khanumyan informed residents that they must liberate Aghavno and Berdzor by August 25. According to the minister, residents will be resettled in housing before they can buy an apartment in Artsakh and Armenia.

"If they are resettled, they will receive a certificate to buy a house, and before receiving the certificate, they will receive rent reimbursement," the minister said.

According to the Berdzor mayor, the Armenian government allocates up to 8 million drams to buy an apartment in Yerevan, 10 million drams in the marzes and 12 million drams in Artsakh.

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