October 04
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US President Joe Biden is spending his vacation with his family on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, in an oceanfront mansion owned by a longtime Democratic Party donor, the Daily Mail reports.

The day before, it was reported that Biden, his wife Jill, son Hunter and wife Melissa Cohen and grandson Beau flew on a presidential jet from Andrews military base to the port city of Charleston, near where Kiawah Island is located, Wednesday afternoon.

According to the newspaper, the house where Biden's family remains, including his son Hunter, who has appeared in various scandalous reports, belongs to the wealthy widow of businessman James Allwin Maria. It is noted that this is not the first time the US president's family is staying in this mansion worth $ 20 million - since 2009, they have repeatedly vacationed in this house. And, as noted by the media, the Biden's do not pay for their stay there.

How long the US president's family will be on the island is unknown, but restrictions on flights over its territory were introduced there until Tuesday.

The US president was not able to fully spend his previous summer vacation because of the vote in Congress, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and the outbreak of a pandemic coronavirus. The current trip was preceded by Biden's extended illness, who contracted the coronavirus two weeks ago, then recovered but then tested positive again. On Wednesday, despite his negative test, Biden repeatedly interrupted his speech due to a cough, while continuing to assure the public that he was feeling fine.

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