September 26
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There are no false alarms for subjective and objective reasons, Former National Security Service head Mikayel Hambardzumyan told, referring to the recent false alarms about the installation of explosives.

According to him, the caller tries everything to disguise his call, and the function of national security is to try to find the caller through technical means.

"The objective reason is that they can't find it technically, and the subjective reason is that they can't or don't put enough effort into it. The job of the caller is not to expose himself, and the job of the intelligence services is to find the caller using technical means. After repeated bomb calls, it seems to be the same M.O. One of the hypotheses could be that the same person or group of people are doing this," said the former head of the National Security Service.

According to Hambardzumyan, such alarms cannot remain without consequences, criminal cases are initiated, preliminary investigation is held, after which the motive of the calls is found out.

"Knowing our guys, I can say that they are trying to uncover all this, but why they can't is another question," Hambardzumyan said.

The former head of the National Security Service mentioned that there have been similar cases before, but they were not of such a systematic and periodic nature. "For so many years we've been finding out identities on false alarms, now I don't know why it's not done."

Mikayel Hambartsumyan said that when asked if it was technically possible to get a bomb alert in four or five places in one day and only four hours later the responsible forces would declare a false alarm. "If the force was satisfied and found out at that point, that's fine, but if they made an unspecified statement, they broke the law. A smart leader would not take that responsibility."

Is this compatible with the view that they are trying to create controlled chaos in the country with periodic bomb alerts, said the former head of the NSC. "In other words, do they want to create chaos in the country so they can do something, settle their dark affairs? It's hard to say, it's a hypothesis that needs to be investigated. Why don't you think an enemy state is doing it? Anything is possible."

Asked if our country is vulnerable in terms of security, Hambardzumian said that given the events going on in and around our country, we have serious security problems.

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