September 25
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Many citizens left Aghavno yesterday and today, but the number of citizens who entered the village now exceeds the number of citizens who left it, Suren Petrosyan, head of the Democratic Union party, said in a live Facebook broadcast, adding that, the number of citizens in Aghavno is not enough to reverse the logic and essence of the process.

"In recent days, there seems to be an opinion that the fate of Berdzor, Sus and Aghavno communities is finally decided. Once again, I declare with full responsibility that at this moment the fate of these communities has not been decided. But it pains me to state that based on what I have encountered in recent days, I am coming to the conclusion that Aghavno is being systematically surrendered.  I'm not talking about the ordinary residents of Aghavno, I'm talking about the higher political levels," he said.

According to Suren Petrosyan, this is primarily a struggle for identity. "The political forces who opposed the surrender of the Lachin corridor were limited to appeals and condemnations, no action was taken. Do you think politics is limited to appeals? When have you ever seen a state, statehood, or land held together by appeals?"

Petrosyan reiterated that there is still time, and if there are 300-500 people in Aghavno, it will be possible to turn the process around.

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