January 31
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Post by former National Assembly deputy Artur Ghazinyan on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Artsakh:

"Today is the day of the proclamation of the Republic of Artsakh, on the occasion of which I congratulate the heroic people of Artsakh and bow to the fallen and living heroes who fought not to life but to death for the independence of Artsakh.

The establishment of the Armenian statehood started on that very day when the Armenians of Armenia and the whole world were facing the challenge of conducting the real struggle for their identity and sovereignty. The heroic battle for Artsakh was not only a struggle for self-determination of the territory or the Armenian population, but it was a struggle for the existence of the Armenian man, for living and creating in his historic homeland, once again proving to the world the indelible description and established fact of his identity and national belonging.

The Republic of Armenia was formed, created and developed for the sovereignty and historic unification of Artsakh in the paradigm of hard war, struggle and victory, so the sovereignty and independence of Artsakh is the first and main guarantee for the strength and stability of modern Armenian statehood.

Due to betrayal, gossip, impudence and ignorance, today the sovereignty and security of the two Armenian states are under threat, and the territorial integrity is being violated.

In spite of internal and external enemies, Artsakh exists and lives, and I am sure that soon it will be restored and strengthened.

Happy Independence Day, Artsakh".

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