November 29
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Despite all the predictions that existed both before and after the elections, that today's Armenian authorities cannot negotiate, the negotiation process continues, and the neighboring country is also talking about peace. Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, told this to reporters at the NA—and referring to the view that Azerbaijan is attempting to create legitimate grounds for another provocation.

"We will pursue the peace process. We find that we need to  resolve security issues first; and they are resolved with the neighbors—by establishing peace and having a strong army. We will advance in the direction of the army (…). It has become obvious that there are big changes, and I can say that defense minister Papikyan is doing his job very successfully," added Simonyan.

He touched on Armenia’s relations with Azerbaijan, too.

"We have been able to maintain our position in terms of all the main issues until today. There are ‘red lines’ for us, they are known to Azerbaijan, as well as to our society. We will stay within that logic and work," the Armenian parliament speaker noted.

He said that border tensions happen either before or after meetings between the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides.

"They happen in order to have some influence on the negotiations; it is already a famous ‘signature’ [of Azerbaijan]. And now they are preparing for military exercises. Our perception is to monitor [them] carefully, to be ready every minute for any development. Let no one get the impression that we think that all issues have been resolved. We are always waiting that there may be any provocation by Azerbaijan," Simonyan added.

Referring to the "Zangezur corridor," the NA speaker said: "For Armenia, it is a 'red line' and is not subject to discussion. Armenia implements all the points that there are in the November 9 [2020 trilateral] statement. Azerbaijani citizens, cargo can be transported to Nakhichevan [via Armenia] in accordance with the laws of Armenia. [But] there can be no ‘corridor’ wording.”

Nevertheless, according to him, the negotiations with Azerbaijan continue, there is no deadlock in them, and the perceptions regarding the main issues are understandable.

"Azerbaijan will attempt to exert pressure in all possible places. And we have prevented, will prevent those pressures, and we will advance the interests of Armenia and Artsakh in all possible places," the Alen Simonyan noted.

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