March 26
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There were no expectations from the visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to Armenia. Although her visit is of no small importance, as it is not every day that such a high-ranking US official visits Armenia, but one must not overestimate it, either, Political analyst Alexander Iskandaryan told

"She is very well known for her pro-Armenian position and there is nothing new in that position," the expert said.

According to him, there cannot be any changes due to the confrontation with Azerbaijan and clashes on the border. Iskandaryan noted that Pelosi's visit was planned long ago and it coincided with the clashes on the border.

"It may affect in some way, it may suspend some trends, slow down, but not exclude. I don't think we should expect massive arms shipments from the United States. It's not serious. It is quite possible to imagine supplies of body armor or night vision goggles, but to overturn the kind of circumstances in which Armenia buys more than 95% of its arms from Russia is out of the realm of fantasy. Moreover, Pelosi can't have anything to do with it, because she doesn't do that," Iskandaryan added.

The expert explained the meaning of Pelosi's meeting with Armenia's Defense Minister by the fact that Armenia is facing a security problem, reminding that Suren Papikyan recently visited the U.S. and held political meetings there.

"The visit to Armenia was marked by relevant statements. First, the moral position was expressed in this way. She is known for her ability and capability to make these kinds of moves. Just look at her recent visit to Taiwan, despite China's opposition.

There is also a domestic political component to her visit. U.S. elections are coming up, and the citizens of this country of Armenian descent very often vote in a consolidated manner depending on the attitude of this or that power toward everything related to Armenia. On the other hand, we cannot say that Armenian voters can turn the U.S. elections upside down," concluded the political scientist.

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