November 27
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Iranian society is divided into strata with liberal views and those with closed, traditional views. The two wings have always been distinguished by contradictions, which have led to upheavals. Iranian expert Nver Davtyan told

According to him, such a dangerous polarization that threatens domestic stability also exists in other countries of the region.

He believes that the golden mean is to find a balance between the natural needs of young people and the foundations of this society. The abrupt liberalization of such a society contains risks. On the other hand, the discontent of Iranian youth could lead to an increase in their emigration and "brain drain" from the country and create demographic problems in the future.

"The external impact is there, and it is noticeable. The Iranian authorities' harsh attitude to the events is related to this. External forces seeking to weaken Iran's growing role in the region may be interested in the protests," the expert noted.

Davtyan expressed confidence that a stable and strong Iran can create much more serious conditions for the stability and security of the entire region, but not everyone benefits from it.

"The fact that Azerbaijan for a long time is on the way to becoming an anti-Iranian platform is a fact. Recently there was information about an attempted invasion of Iran by a terrorist group from Azerbaijan. There are forces that operate both inside and outside Iran. They include countries that are against Tehran's growing role in the region. We are talking about Azerbaijan and Turkey. All this is aimed at eliminating Iran's ability to defend its borders with its neighbor, in this case Armenia," the expert stressed.

The Iranian expert advised the West to look to Azerbaijan on the issue of democracy, so that conditions for long-term peace can be created, recalling that it is Azerbaijan that threatens Armenia's democracy.

"And if the problem of democracy in Azerbaijan is not talked about, Pelosi's statements about democracy in Armenia make no sense," Davtyan concluded.

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